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Extensive Experience + Unparalleled Passion = Extraordinary Results

Having offered facilitation and training services for over 35 years, Jim Million has had the opportunity to help a wide variety of businesses realize their full potential. Between his wide breadth of experience and passion for teaching Jim Million has left a lasting impact on thousands of individuals and countless businesses.

Case Studies

“Toyota Driving Expectations” Helping Educate Teens About Driver’s Safety

In 2005, Toyota partnered with the marketing/training firm AIMA to address one the largest causes of teen death in America: automobile crashes. Created by two friends of Jim, the two organizations sought to do something about this epidemic, realizing that teens and their parents needed to be educated on the perils of the road as well as techniques for safe driving. The program, Toyota Driving Expectations, educated tens of thousands of teens and parents about driver’s safety.

At the time, Toyota Driving Expectations was the only teen driving safety program in the country that involved parents by requiring them to go through a parent curriculum. The parent sessions included coaching techniques they could use with their teens.

The director of AIMA, David Tarabochia, had the following to say about Jim Million’s talent:
“Jim is the quintessential business partner with unparalleled passion to working with and through others with the clear purpose to bring guidance, direction and expertise to your initiatives. Jim is a great instructional designer and the most outstanding lead facilitator I have had the fortune to work with, however that only scratches the surface; Jim is the Ambassador of Quan, meaning he can integrate into the business and cultural fabric of your initiative with respect, patience and integrity for the people and the goals of your business – an SME that is honest to a fault.”

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Plymouth/Dodge “Discover Neon” Launch

In 1994, Chrysler/Plymouth Dodge launched the Neon, which was an all new compact car based on new “cab forward” design technology. This launch required training thousands of salesmen at dealerships across the nation on the features and selling points of the new vehicle. Jim stepped up to the plate and helped Plymouth/Dodge train tens of thousands of employees in only 45 days.

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Increasing accessory sales at the dealership level: General Motors

When General Motors (GM) noticed their accessory sales were lower than they desired, they decided to implement training to boost their numbers at the dealership level. With a multi-facted approach, Jim tackled the challenge of boosting accessory sales at GM dealerships in over 120 stores. Per New Unit Retail, these 120 stores increased their sales from $37 dollars to $137. GM was so happy with the results that they extended the training program to every GM dealership in the nation.

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Amway’s Teaching Technique Series

In 2015 Amway reached out to Jim Million as a Master Facilitator/Teacher to assist in the development, delivery and production of a video based series called “Teaching Techniques Series”

Amway’s Teaching Techniques Series has been implemented as a component of Amway South
East Asia Train the Trainer Certification program and is posed to be launched in other Amway markets around the world.

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Other Jim Million Clients


What Others Are Saying About Jim

Every once in a great while, someone comes into your life and touches you on a visceral level. Jim Million is such a person. I cannot begin to explain to you how impressed I was with his humanity and sincerity. A truly unique individual, Jim possesses the ability to teach without lecturing. While my tenure with him was a brief three day seminar, I walked away with useful tools and applications not only for business but more importantly, for life. Consider yourself lucky to know this guy. I certainly do!

Neil Fogel (Student in Workshop)
Master Certified Sales & Leasing at Rallye Lexus

So I meet this guy in a flowered shirt with a giant smile and think to myself, this is going to be interesting! And to be sure I was correct! Jim gave me an insight into what I was doing naturally, to be able to articulate and replicate the best of what happened into something that got better every time it was done. His knack for finding the right best piece of what you’ve got, showing it to you so you can do more of what works is uncanny. It’s fun to get better with Jim!

Wally Conway, Certified Master Inspector (Peer)
President, Home Pro Inspections and Author of Amazon #1 Best Selling Book

Jim has an uncanny ability to take what initially appears to be a basket full of unrelated topics and mold it into an effective training forum that excites every student participant. I learned a lot from Jim.

Noel Osborne (Peer)
Owner at Osborne & Associates

I have Jim to thank for a career that has been more than I ever dreamed possible. He provided me with the skill and coaching to develop my talents as a trainer and he continues to be one of the most encouraging individuals I’ve met. With Jim on your team, you are sure to grow and succeed.

Valerie Ziebron (Peer)
President VRZ Consulting

Jim Million is one of the finest and most effective Teaching Facilitators I have ever worked with. I have participated with Jim in the training of over 10,000 teens and parents for defensive driving skills. Jim Million has the unique ability to not only teach people but he can also move a person to understand a lesson in the most personal of terms. I unequivocally recommend him.

Brian Allman (Client)
Founder and CEO at RYDE There, Inc.