Great Education is like a Double edged Sword!

In News by jimmillion

Today was a good day in the land of Facilitation and Learning.  Had some great classes the last few days teaching DiSC… Behavior Styles.

It’s always great when you get the opportunity to see people discover themselves.  It’s days like these that make me really glad that I have spent my last 30 years in education of one form or another.

I can’t stop thinking about the “Learning Gym” we are working to get open.  I have been blessed to have people working with me that are as passionate about it as I am.  But it isn’t coming as fast as my DiSC Behavioral Style would like for it to.

It’s so weird that when I am teaching I am actually learning more than my students.  It’s liked a double edged sword.  The material cuts both ways!  I was reminded during my teaching time that it’s not my time but His time that matters.

All I can say is that I am excited to think of all the possibilities and lives that we will touch as a result of the Gym.  Maybe some day, one of the kids that comes to the A.C.E. Kids Gym will be President… or discover the cure for cancer, or just simply affect someone’s life in a positive way and inspires them to excel.

After all, Isn’t that what Ralph Waldo Emerson meant when he said that “Our chief aim in life is to find someone that can inspire us to become all that we know we can become.”

If we can do this for some of the kids that come…. maybe they will pay it forward and do this for kids in their future.  Before long!  Who knows how much better this world would be!

Thanks for reading!