“Seek and Ye Shall Find” Never More Clear!

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As we the “A.C.E. Kids Gym” founding members and Coaching Staff diligently look for a home for our exciting adventure, it becomes increasingly more clear what we are supposed to do.

No, we aren’t peeping… we are are visualizing the way we would utilize this space!  We have been doing that a lot lately.  Missing some great spaces by the skin of our teeth and still waiting to hear from landlords on others, we continue to seek out the perfect facility.

There is definitely one thing for sure.  We continue to research and refine our design.

In the last few weeks we have been in contact with some people in the Gymnastics business that are and have been doing some great things in the area of “Learning” in relation to physical movement.  I have read some great books and continue to study the science of combining “Physical movement… muscle memory and the brain.  I’m learning so much and it’s becoming even more clear that A.C.E. Kids Gym needs to be a “Learning Gym.”  One where we can serve all kids, including the learning challenged kids.  After all, A.C.E. does stand for “All Children are Exceptional”

Stay tuned for more great information as we continue our journey with ACE Kids and share our experiences with more great minds in this business.  In the next few weeks we will be visiting some of the best Gyms in the country that have incorporated the most advanced and most effective curriculum in the country.  Some really smart people doing some really amazing things.

Hopefully, one day we will be on that same list of people!  In fact, I have no doubt.  Why?  Because I have surrounded myself with some of the most talented and creative people… and the bonus is… they believe in the dream too!  Thanks Dana Martinez, Ashley & Travis Clark, John Grant and M’Lis Scott, Tom Dearing and all your families.  Thanks for being like family to Jaja and my family.  We love you!