Great teachers are where great education begins. However, great teachers only go so far-- every teacher relies on materials, a schedule and a plan to effectively train and educate their students. Every coach should have a game plan, every navigator should have a map, and every great teacher should be supported by a great curriculum and program. Without a solid curriculum, even the best teachers risk failure.

Product Development for the Pros

Jim Million has developed hundreds of programs, for class sizes as small as two or three to curriculums designed to teach thousands of students over several years. Having developed programs for over 35 years, Jim can develop programs to suit any need. His curriculums go above and beyond the call of duty to not only teach, but to change people’s behavior.

The Secret to Program Development Success: Passion for Teaching

Jim has always had a passion for teaching and learning, and it shines through in every program he develops. While others will develop programs as a means to an end, Jim painstakingly crafts every program out of a love for teaching. When examining programs and curriculums developed by Jim, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any shortcuts– Jim lives to teach and help others, making his programs a cut above anything else in the industry.

Training is Only Training When it Changes People’s Behavior

The above heading is one of Jim’s favorite says. It may sound dramatic or over-the-top, but think about it: why go through the time and effort of training if it’s not going to make any difference? Why should a company devote valuable time, energy and money to a program if the students won’t act any differently afterwards? Without a change in behavior, it’s not training: it’s simply passing along information.

Jim’s programs operate around a few tried and tested beliefs. First, his programs focus on ensuring that every student adopts a positive attitude. With a positive attitude comes optimism and knowledge of self-worth, which is enough to motivate any student strive for success.

Next, Jim focuses on spaced repetition. As much as 65% of all information passed on to a student occurs during follow-up lessons, meaning repetition is essential for making a lasting impact. With only single exposure to new information, most people forget it entirely after a few weeks. Jim’s programs emphasize repetition so that all new information is internalized and stays with students for months, even years after a program is complete.