Amway’s Teaching Techniques Series

How do you provide quality and consistent Teaching Techniques to thousands of potential leaders around the world?


In 2015 Amway reached out to Jim Million as a Master Facilitator/Teacher to assist in the development, delivery and production of a video based series called “Teaching Techniques Series”

This series was designed to help Amway Business Owners (ABO’s) develop teaching techniques to lead meetings and presentations effectively.

The challenge was selecting the most important topics to ABOs and deliver them in a practical, engaging and short manner, effective enough to garner their attention and develop their skills.

Another challenge was to make them flexible enough to be used in every Amway region around the world and yet be powerful enough to create the desire to be used.


Jim Million, along with Amway’s Project Manager, developed a series of videos, job aids and resources around 17 of the most important topics in teaching/facilitation skills.

The series consists of videos that average 8 minutes in length as well as downloadable resources and job aids for each video to be used for sustainment and preparation.

The series was designed to be modular and flexible so that Amway affiliates can localize it easily to meet their needs as well as those of the ABOs.


Amway’s Teaching Techniques Series has been implemented as a component of Amway South East Asia Train the Trainer Certification program and is posed to be launched in other Amway markets around the world.

Jim’s broad experience and expertise in facilitation and teaching made him the perfect partner to develop Amway’s Teaching Techniques Series. He has been outstanding to work with all the way from the first contact to after the project was completed. What I appreciated most about working with Jim is his high standards and commitment to the project. He took the extra mile and beyond to make sure every deliverable was to our satisfaction. I will not hesitate to work with him again.

Antonia Chan

Lead Training & Development Specialist, Amway

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