Plymouth/Dodge "Discover Neon" Launch

How do you train thousands of dealerships on a new car in a 45 day period?


In 1994 Chrysler/Plymouth Dodge launched the first new compact vehicle with their revolutionary cab forward design. 

The launch of the vehicle would be kicked off with an ad in the 1995 Super Bowl.
The challenge was training thousands of dealerships on the Neon’s features and benefits in such a short period of time.


Cascade Training utilizing Chrysler’s Sales and Service Field Force.

Ross Roy, Chrysler’s 1st tier vender contracted Jim Million and his team to create the curriculum and conduct a T3 (Train the Trainer) in order to equip hundreds of corporate field personnel to go into dealerships all over the country to train on the all new Neon.A three tier cascade approach was used as follows:

  • First Tier: Jim trained his core team consisting of 6 of the best automotive trainers in the industry.
  • Second Tier: The Core team led by Jim then trained the field force during a five day Train the Trainer event held in Detroit Michigan.
  • Third Tier: The field force then took the one day training to the dealerships around the country.


As a result of the three tier cascade training concept, we were able to train thousands of dealerships on the new features and benefits of the 1994 NEON in a 45 day period!

This was the first time that a training effort of this type and magnitude was ever attempted not to mention successfully implemented.

Bottom line… All the dealerships were trained on the new NEON in time for the Super Bowl launch.

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