Toyota Driving Expectations Case Study

How do you train instructors to teach teens and parents together in good driving skills?


With automobile crashes being the number one cause of death for teens in America today, something had to be done.

Two young men with a heart for teens saw the need for an educational program that would help young drivers be more prepared to navigate the roads with the goal of making them more aware of the perils ahead.

They approached AIMIA, the marketing/training firm with relationships in Toyota Motor Company and the rest is history.


AIMIA contracted Jim Million in 2005 primarily to train the instructors for the program and in the process of piloting, realized that he had skill beyond the Master Facilitator title he dawned.

Providing activities and “parent coaching session” content to make the program come alive, Jim found himself developing a love for the project that has lasted over 10 years. He not only conducted his “Facilitator Boot Camps” every year for the selected instructors he has himself been involved in Facilitating every program since the inception.

Over the years, Jim has re-written the curriculum to keep it current and has developed an in-dealership safety clinic for Toyota which focuses on pre-drivers and their parents. This clinic is being conducted Nationwide by Toyotas dealer network for their respective communities.


As a result, Toyota has touched tens of thousands of teens and parents across the United States with their teen driver education programs. Toyota’s Teen Drive 365 is a movement that has included a partnership with Discovery Education and with the help of AIMIA and Jim they continue to create educational content with the prime goal of saving lives!

The instructors that Jim has mentored are the best in the industry and continue to conduct in-dealership as well as community teen drive programs for Toyota and communities across America.

Jim is the quintessential business partner with unparalleled passion to working with and through others with the clear purpose to bring guidance, direction and expertise to your initiatives. Jim is a great instructional designer and the most outstanding lead facilitator I have had the fortune to work with, however that only scratches the surface; Jim is the Ambassador of Quan, meaning he can integrate into the business and cultural fabric of your initiative with respect, patience and integrity for the people and the goals of your business – an SME that is honest to a fault.

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