Great trainers are not born, they’re made. Like most talents in life, the ability to train effectively is not something people are born with-- it’s a talent that they hone with years of experience, along with training from more knowledgeable individuals. In other words, every trainer needs a trainer of their own to get started.

Jim Million: The Trainer's Trainer

Over the years, Jim Million has earned a reputation as an incredibly effective coach. With hundreds of training programs and coaching sessions under his belt, decades of experience have refined Jim’s talent into unparalleled coaching ability. Whether it’s product training or people skills, his own curriculum or someone else’s, Jim’s coaching truly leaves an impact. Jim specializes in coaching facilitators, trainers, presenters and speakers, leaving them well-equipped to do their jobs and excel in their respective positions.

Methods Designed for Results

At the end of the day, Jim is interested in one thing as a coach: making an impact on the people he coaches and giving them the tools they need to succeed. With his extensive experience in coaching, Jim has been fortunate enough to develop a unique methodology that enables people to realize their full potential.

Jim offers what he calls “Boot Camps,” which are 1-3 day workshops that can be tailored to group or individual settings. The “Boot Camps” are divided between three different levels: Level 1 is the basics of presenting, facilitating, training or speaking. Level 2 moves on to more advanced techniques, while Level 3 finishes off the program with training methodology along with curriculum design and development. By the end of a Boot Camp, students have everything they need to excel at training, facilitating, presenting or speaking.

Coaching Fueled by Passion

Think of the people who have influenced you the most in your life– the people who have molded your life in their role as a mentor, a coach, a teacher or a trainer. When it comes to coaches who change people’s lives, there’s one trait they all have in common: passion.

When you combine a love for the art of coaching with years of experience, the results are extraordinary. Time and time again, Jim has seen the amazing results of believing in people and pushing them to be the best they can be. Through encouraging and educating individuals on how to be a champion, Jim has helped countless individuals achieve success. In truth, coaching is one of his greatest passions in life and this passion is what takes Jim’s program’s to the next level.

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