There are two ways to give someone an answer: you can spoon-feed them the answer, or you can lead them to it. Expert facilitation revolves around leading people to their own conclusions, assisting their brainstorming and kickstarting their creativity. When an expert facilitator guides creative problem solving, it’s astonishing what they can come up with. In a word, facilitation is about impressing people with what they know, not impressing them with what the facilitator knows.

Jim Million: A Facilitator’s Facilitator

Jim stands out as a facilitator for his extensive experience facilitating with small and large organizations of every kind. He’s worked as a facilitator in a wide variety of settings, including sales, management, customer service, strategic planning, change management, marketing, leadership workshops, team building, presentation skills and facilitation skills. With such varied experience, Jim shines as a facilitator no matter what the challenge is or who is involved.

Depth + Breadth of Experience = The Million Difference

Jim brings something to facilitation that few other facilitators do: a breadth of experience that is near unparalleled in the industry. Jim not only has extensive experience as a facilitator, but as a trainer, teacher, program developer and speaker. In other words, he lives and breathes teaching. As such, Jim is extraordinarily talented in helping people realize their full potential and tap into inner creativity. Thousands of professionals have been influenced by Jim Million, which is why he has been serving as a facilitator for over three decades.

Facilitation Driven by Results

Jim lives to help other people– facilitation is no exception. As a facilitator, Jim is dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives and enabling people and organizations to overcome challenges and unlock their full potential. When Jim is facilitating, creative breakthroughs, engaged audiences and high-level thinking is the norm.

Part of what drives Jim’s extraordinary facilitation is his ability to connect with individuals at every level of an organization. By believing in the potential of every individual at a brainstorming session, Jim ensures that there are no limits, no glass ceilings placed on creative exploration and brainstorming. Through acknowledging that everyone is capable of brilliant ideas and that innovation isn’t limited to high-level management, Jim fosters an environment of unbounded creativity and solution-oriented discussion.

We challenge you to find a more effective and inspiring facilitator than Jim Million. With Jim as a facilitator, meetings are guaranteed to produce novel ideas and valuable insights. To take your brainstorming to the next meeting, call Jim Million for facilitation.

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