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Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to experience a tremendous amount of success. I’ve gotten the opportunity to do what I love most, which is to teach people and make a difference in the world. I’ve run countless programs and developed training curriculums for some of the biggest companies in the world, like Ford, Toyota and Amway.

I will always be grateful for the wonderful opportunities that have been afforded to me and the people who have supported me along the way. This is what motivates me to take part in something very close to my heart: giving back to the world whenever I can.

As part of our normal everyday life both personally and in business we give a percentage of our income away to charity. Below are a few of my favorite projects I’ve worked on in giving back to my communities and supporting others however I can:

Workshops for Woodworking and Technical Skills

In November and December of every other year, I run workshops helping kids in middle school. Most of the workshops center around woodworking skills and craftsmanship, which I learned when I was in my teens and practiced while I owned a woodworking business in my early career. Usually, I cover topics such as pen turning and basic woodshop, as well as woodworking safety. Additionally, I run workshops that cover bike and skateboard repair.

Minibike Refurbishing

What kid doesn’t dream of owning a minibike? Minibikes are one of the most fun toys around– nothing beats the simple pleasure of revving a small engine and riding around the yard or through the woods. With the wind in your hair and a bit of a speed, minibikes are an absolute joy.

I’m lucky enough to have established a close relationship with Ken Kramer, a brother and fellow Harley enthusiast that has truly mastered everything about motorcycle repair and refurbishment. During my off years from running workshops, I buy and refurbish old minibikes. We work to collect a list of names of underprivileged families who don’t have the means to provide a wonderful Christmas for their families. We collect bikes and bike parts all year long, then work on refurbishing them in October, November and December. When we’re finished, we have repaired, fully-functional bikes (that also sport awesome paint jobs) and bring them to the families on the list. It’s incredibly rewarding, and it’s always a joy to know that we’re helping kids and families have a good Christmas. 

Below are some pictures of the minibikes that we’ve worked on over the years– although be warned, you may want one for yourself!

Guitars & Drums

I've been a musician since the 6th grade and I have played with some amazing musicians as well. Because I love playing music so much, I have started to refurbish guitars and drum-kits every year in order to supply non-profits with instruments as well as give to families that are having a rough time.

I believe in the concept of reciprocity. What goes around comes around, or as I truly believe, "Cast your bread out on the water and in many days it will come back to you."

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