Public speaking is one of many people’s greatest fears, and rightfully so: it’s a daunting task. Effective public speaking means holding the attention of hundreds or even thousands of people. It means leaving the audience with a message that sticks, one they will think about for hours, days or even weeks afterwards. The power of public speaking is undeniable-- the right speaker can change hearts and minds, motivate hundreds of people, and effect change with their words. There’s a reason why videos of public speakers on YouTube still get millions of hits.

Jim Million: Speeches That Connect

When it comes to motivational and educational speaking, Jim Million is one of the best in the business. Jim has given countless multi-media presentations for a wide variety of audiences, giving him the experience to deliver moving and thought-provoking speeches. Whether you need a motivational rally or a keynote speech to foster culture change, Jim Million goes above and beyond the call of duty to captivate audiences and deliver a message.

Why Jim Million?

Jim’s secret recipe for public speaking is the passion that drives all of his professional development endeavors. Teaching and helping others is what Jim lives for. No matter how smooth, practiced and confident a public speaker is, they are nothing without enthusiasm and passion. Jim Million grabs people’s attention and holds it through a deep conviction to what he does. We challenge you to find a more energetic and enthusiastic speaker than Jim– few speakers can match Jim’s inspiring energy behind a microphone.

Jim is also unique in believing in the tremendous value and potential of every individual in an organization, from part-time janitors to executives and presidents. This grants Jim the ability to truly connect with every member of the audience, ensuring nobody is lost on the message of the speech.

It's Not Public Speaking Unless it Changes People's Lives

When talking about training, Jim abides by a belief that “it’s not training unless it changes people’s lives.” Jim applies this same philosophy to public speaking, believing that public speaking simply isn’t worth the time and effort unless it’s designed to get inside people’s heads and effect positive change. Jim lives for what he calls the lightbulb moment– the expression on people’s faces when they suddenly get it, or have a great idea. This “Aha!” moment is what motivates Jim to give countless speeches

As such, Jim does whatever it takes to make sure every aspect of his speeches is geared towards one thing: results. He values the time and attention of his audience, making every word count towards changing people’s lives as well as their organizations for the better.

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