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Think of the worst commercial you’ve ever seen -- maybe something that aired in the middle of the night right before you turned your TV off.

Now think of the best commercial you’ve ever seen -- very likely a commercial aired during the superbowl, or at prime time around the holidays.

Big difference, right? This simple thought exercise goes to show how much of a difference video production can make. Video production has the unique ability to turn people on (or turn people off) to certain ideas, companies or products. People pay attention to videos-- we’re hardwired to be drawn to fast, exciting and colorful video. If a picture says a thousand words, than a video can say a million.

Superb Full-Service Video Production

Jim Million offers full-service video production at his in-house facility to all of his clients. As video is often essential to training, presentations and other facets of Jim’s business, handling video needs in-house only makes sense. From writing scripts to on camera talent, filming to editing, Jim has the expertise to create polished, engaging and attractive video content that leaves an impact on viewers.

Video Production for Results

Every video curated by Jim Million is driven by a simple premise: how can this video produce results? For videos that augment and truly support training procedures and presentations, experts turn to Jim Million. Videos are often a powerful tool for teaching, which is and always has been Jim’s passion in life. As such, his videos are crafted with the same care and dedication as his programs. Check out some of the videos on this page to see for yourself.

Facilitation Driven by Results

Jim lives to help other people– facilitation is no exception. As a facilitator, Jim is dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives and enabling people and organizations to overcome challenges and unlock their full potential. When Jim is facilitating, creative breakthroughs, engaged audiences and high-level thinking is the norm.

Part of what drives Jim’s extraordinary facilitation is his ability to connect with individuals at every level of an organization. By believing in the potential of every individual at a brainstorming session, Jim ensures that there are no limits, no glass ceilings placed on creative exploration and brainstorming. Through acknowledging that everyone is capable of brilliant ideas and that innovation isn’t limited to high-level management, Jim fosters an environment of unbounded creativity and solution-oriented discussion.

We challenge you to find a more effective and inspiring facilitator than Jim Million. With Jim as a facilitator, meetings are guaranteed to produce novel ideas and valuable insights. To take your brainstorming to the next meeting, call Jim Million for facilitation.

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